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Reading is FUNdamental [MIC*KEY MOUSE]

So its a few days prior to heading out to Disney World for the first time. That's right. I'm a 42 years old man that hasn't been to Disney. But my fiancee decided this would be the year that I checked that off my bucket list.

So I'm waiting my turn at the barbershop and start to have small talk with my barber. He tells me his Disney trip and also showed me his family picture... so I decided to "borrow" his idea. I also borrowed his idea of having a babysitter there with us on the trip. As we all know (well... I know now), Universal Studios is no place for young little munchkins aka my kids!

Let's just say that this kid, ME, will be heading back very very soon!

FYI... ONE of my favorite rides there, Expedition Everest (at night) and Skull Island: Reign of Kong (also at night)

Love this pic... shadows and all!