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Job Description: Photographer/Father/Grandfather

As a photographer, I continue to learn from the different types of pictures that come out of my camera. Some great. Some bad. Some really bad. And the occasional "it shot". Going into each session, I mentally review [15 mins before the shoot shhhh] the things that I need to do in order to capture that "good shot". With this upcoming shoot, I told myself that I could do no wrong.


Boy was I wrong. We decided to shoot outside less than 7 hours after we got over 18 inches of powdered snow. On my daughter Leia's 5th birthday. Who's birthday party was kinda happening [it was happening]. It was ok though because Leia was being Leia. Its her party, she can [fill in the blank] if she wants too. Yes... we spoil her! Judge away.

As I walked outside she told me to take a few good pictures. Thanks Lei! Thanks for the added pressure.

Let it be known. The pressure of snapping a few good pictures wasn't the pressure I was referring to. It was the pressure of balancing out the two activities that I was currently participating in. It's utopia for us A.D.D. members. I needed to recruit some help. Enter David [my son]. Then I come up with the "idea of the day".

Soooooo we started to plow a path to where we were shooting. One issue. More like a question I had to ask myself cause I've never done this before. Can I plow a path on the grass without messing up the lawn? Yes the lawn. I guess we're about to find out. Fast forward... the picture below is what we pulled off. There are others but those are obviously for David and Alex.

I want to wish these two young adults all the best that comes with little monsters brought into this world. We are excited on becoming grand parents. We are excited for our family. Love, Communication and NO EGO [check that ish at the door] are the key to a healthy family.

I LOVE my family and am willing to do anything and everything [at times] for them.

Communication was key during Leia's birthday party, David & Alex's maternity shoot and watching some bad Wild Card Football games. All in all, it was a great day.

My wish as a photographer/father/grandfather is for my friends and family to have as many picture perfect days like it was on January 8th 2017. We can't wait to meet the newest addition to our team. We welcome you.