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I'm back!

Its been awhile since my last post. I've been busy as I am sure you can all relate to.


Let me rewind a little bit for you. We began planning & selecting a venue which was not as easy as we had anticipated. As a photographer, there were a few selfish egotistical things that I wanted. No... I needed! Fortunately and unfortunately, none of the venues had what I wanted. More importantly, none of them screamed our names.

After checking out a few places, one thing became evident... what we were looking for didn't exist! Instead of renting a "fancy" function hall or golf club, we decided that OUR wedding should reflect OUR personalities. Jennifer suggested Puerto Rico. Her visits there left an everlasting impression that had me entertaining the thought. ...two weeks later, we were sitting beach side in Old San Juan.

Photo Cred: Mrs. Bonnet

WOW! What a beautiful island. The warmth hitting my face, the vibrant colors, art and culture. And then there is the food. I like to eat... A LOT! It was a match made in heaven. So after my orgasmic moment of clarity, the island made the decision. So the perfect place did exist for us... Puerto Rico it is!

So we set the date. Invited our family and friends. She said "yes to the dress". Got fitted for my tuxedo [worst experience ever - story coming soon]. Hired our wedding coordinator. Booked our flights, hotel rooms and we're on our way. I won't bore you with colorful fanciful words to describe our stay there but rather simply leave a few pictures for you to check out below. Sorry in advance... but no wedding pictures.